First years of the activity of the company „Astiltex Consulting” were focused on the restructuring of the enterprises, where the bank investment funds held the majority of actions. As for the Polish financial restructuring of the national companies, the debts of the factories were converted into shares. Most of the debts was the result of the prevailing lending, that is why the banks had become the owners of the most of the important corporate property, which they wanted to liquidate in the short term period. For those companies, „Astiltex Consulting” offered the two-way solutions: on one hand, the restructuring focused on the mobilization capacity of the company and start of getting profits. On the other hand, the programming of activities to raise the value of the company in their sale prospectus.

Currently, the company continues its activities by developing programs and encouraging the emergence of entirely new businesses or businesses which are transferred to the Poland, and elaborates the draft measures to improve the functioning of existing enterprises in every area of their business.

At the consulting field we deal with the following problems : 

  1. Punktora complex organizing of the new companies or their branches across all Poland moving the companies to Poland,

  2. Punktorrestructuring,

  3. Punktormodernization,

  4. Punktormarketing.